Our Horses

These are just a few of our Belgium (or Belgian as they are sometimes called) Horses. Susie is our Russian Baskir Curlie. She is the smallest of the bunch, but no less beautiful. Each of these beauties weigh at least 2000 pounds and eat close to 150 pounds of feed between all of them each day. We travel all over the United States to collect these beautiful horses and we stable them in Gardnerville on our ranch.


The Belgian, as the name implies, is native to the country of Belgium. This little country is blessed with a fertile soil and abundant rainfall providing the thrifty farmers of Belgium with the excellent pastures and the hay and grain necessary to develop a heavy, powerful breed of horse. Belgium lies in the very center of that area of western Europe which gave rise to the large black horses known as Flemish horses and were referred to as the "great horses" by medieval writers. They are the horses that carried armored knights into battle. Such horses were known to exist in that part of Europe in the time of Caesar. They provided the genetic material from which nearly all the modern draft breeds were fashioned. They not only love the work they do, but they bask in the attention of their caregivers and love to play when ever given the chance.

If you are ever in Lake Tahoe, come on over and say hello to one of these majestic horses. Or better yet... take a leisurely ride on one of carriages or sleighs, and you too will enjoy their company.

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